How To Organize Your Baby’s Nursery

Planning a nursery is not exactly child’s play. And organizing the nursery can turn out to be quite a herculean task, particularly if the room you’re using is a small one. However, you can still find a way to maximize the space you have.

The first step to keeping a room organized is to create adequate storage space. First, you organize the closet. You can decide to bring the rod closer to the floor, since infant clothing’s are smaller than that of adults. Doing this will create more space above the rod for more shelves, giving you more space for other items. Using a closet organizer is another great way to maximize storage space.

There are other parts of the nursery apart from the closet that can also be used for storage space. You can store items like wipes, creams, diapers and changing pads on your changing table, if you have one. If the crib has space underneath it, you can also use it as extra storage space. Items like receiving blankets, burp clothes, crib sheets, bibs or additional crib bedding, can be stored in plastic storage containers or wicker baskets. You can also put some items on the dresser.

Another great way to create additional space for your nursery is by adding bookcases and wall shelves. You can keep your baby’s toys and books organized in a bookcase. If the floor of your baby’s nursery is small, then it is better to go for a tall bookcase instead of those short ones. However, if the floor is very spacious, then it is better to go for the short ones because short bookcases will make it easier for the babies to access their things.

You can also keep your baby’s room organized by getting a toy box. Babies are surprisingly good at amassing toys, and before you even know what is happening the entire room is crammed with different toys. This is why it is good to get a place for them,

to reduce clutter in the room. You can decide to go for a toy bench if you don’t want the regular toy box. This way, the babies can actually use it as a stool when they’re older.

Therefore, when organizing your nursery, you should never take anything for granted, because the extra space you’re looking for might be in the most unlikely places. So, if you really want a clutter free room for your baby, then you need to learn how to create adequate storage space in the nursery.